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Unleashing Business Growth Through Intelligent Data

At Parrot Social, we empower businesses with real-time data trends and insights using advanced data mining techniques and Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Leveraging our capability to analyse over 660 billion websites and online channels in under a second, we provide dynamic web solutions that can help your business stay ahead of the curve.


Our Happy Clients

“They have definitely surpassed our expectations!   We found their research work and analysis on the Connected Cars market in Malaysia to be forward-looking, insightful, and most importantly, useful. Leveraging on their AI system and consultancy services, we not only saved costs and manpower, but were given emerging trends and well-visualised data that helped fuel the growth of the company. They delivered a comprehensive insights report by spotting gaps & opportunities for Desay SV Automotive, thus providing us with a good feel of what our market segment desires. “

DESAY SV Automotive (China)

Senior Vice President, International Business Development

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Data Gathering

We collect a large volume of data from 660 billion online channels, ensuring a robust foundation for the subsequent stages.


Uncovering Real-time Trends

Utilizing advanced AI, we process and analyse the data to uncover the hidden real-time trends and business insights.


Insight Translation

Our team translates these raw analytics into actionable strategies, tailoring them tio your unique business needs


Website Creation & Optimisation

We leverages on these strategies to create a dynamic website designed to engage your audience and optimise your online visibility.

How It Works

Our four simple steps to dive your business growth using data and AI.

Why Choose Parrot Social?

When it comes to creating an online presence, having a deep understanding of your industry trends beneath the surface can make the difference between a thriving engagement and one that falls flat.


We offer the offering:

  • Real-time industry trends and insight

  • Speedy data analysis

  • Personalized dynamic web solutions

  • Easy-to-digest recommendations

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How You Benefit

In an increasingly digital business landscape, it's more critical than ever to have a strong online presence. Let Parrot Social help you make your digital mark with our advanced solutions:

  • Extensive analytics coverage

  • Real-time trend tracking

  • AI-driven results

  • Quantifiable growth for your online presence

Key Features

Our services are equipped with features to provide you an enhanced experience and results

Extensive Data Mining

We leave no stone unturned in collecting data, ensuring everything from customer preferences to market trends is put to work for your business.

High-Speed Analysis

With the power to analyse over 660 billion websites and channels in under a second, we provide insights at unmatched speed.

Customised Webs Solutions

Our team of experts utilise AI-driven strategies to build bespoke websites that effectively communicate your brand to your audience.

Ready to Leverage on the Power of Data?

Our expert data analysts and AI-driven tools are ready to help you make smart business decisions and optimise your web presence. Let's get started today!

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